charlottina tropicale

Tropical Charlottina is a compromise taste of tradition and innovation. The renowned excellency of made in Italy which means you can create synonymous collection of high quality, prestige, uniqueness and exclusive creativity. The strong masters of this KNOW- HOW we gaze over the horizon towards the exotic.

Tropical Charlottina is composed of craftsmanship sphere made of scented spices and natural essence ( cinnamon, cloves , aniseeds, coffee beansÉÉÉ), wood briquettes, leaves from tropical trees of course dried and wooden or resin spheres. The laboratory where this spheres are produced is situated in Brazil to be precise in Sao Paolo.

The exclusive characteristics represented by the components in which Charlottina tropical is made of which renders it naturally scented and full of light: Charlottina tropical is a lamp that lights and perfumes with her you can experiment a unique experience able to satisfy all your senses. It fills the atmosphere with delicate and fresh exotic scents, enjoying the beauty view that comes from harmony of color and light letting your mind experience unusual journey in distant countries and the relaxation of the body thanks to the peaceful atmosphere, serenity and warmth that the lamps creates.